2022 Event Details

Last year's event was another big success that featured discussions with industry leaders, facilitated workshops and an opportunity to meet 1:1 with experts. We are currently planning our October 2022 event. Here are the 2022 event basics - more info will be shared in the coming weeks:


  • Date: October 2022 - specific date will be confirmed once our venue is finalized.
  • In-Person Event in Toronto + Virtual Format: Last year's feedback was clear - some would like to return to an in-person format, while others would prefer a virtual event to make it much more accessible. So for those who can, we will see you in Toronto and for those who can't or choose not to travel, we will have a (well thought through & valuable) virtual option.
  • Event Content: The event will be a combination of speakers, panels and improved group discussions. Feel free to share any topics or speakers that would be especially interesting!