Canadian Tech @ Scale 2022

Canadian Tech @ Scale 2022

Coming Fall 2022

Meet and learn from Canada's top tech leaders about building tech companies for scale. Details to be announced in June.

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Canadian Tech @ Scale 2022

Canadian tech is flourishing like never before and Canadian Tech @ Scale brings together Canada's top tech leaders to learn from each other's successes and failures from scaling their companies. We are currently planning our 2022 event with an announcement coming shortly.


Since 2016, the event has provided a space for experienced and aspiring leaders in development, data science, systems, security, testing or other product development areas in tech to build meaningful connections and share industry expertise.


Canadian Tech @ Scale is an invitation-only event. Our simple criteria is that attendees are current or aspiring leaders in development, data science, systems, security, testing or other product development areas in tech.

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Attended a previous event? Check your inbox for an invite, or email us at


    Expand your network

    The 2021 Canadian Tech @ Scale event is bigger than ever with participants from coast to coast attending. Meet experienced and aspiring leaders from start-ups, scale ups and large tech companies across the country.

    Build meaningful connections

    From personal 1:1 sessions with experienced leaders to interactive workshops with industry peers, find opportunities to build your support network, create new friendships and long lasting connections.

    Quality content only. 

    At Canadian Tech @ Scale, learning and connections come first. There are no vendors present and soliciting is not allowed. Learn from top leaders, contribute to discussions and take back key learnings that you can apply in your role.

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    Attended a previous event? Check your inbox for an invite, or email us at

    Past Participants



    • Bruce Dorland

      Bruce Dorland

      Managing Director,­ gdR

    • Djoume Salvetti

      Djoume Salvetti

      Director of Engineering,­ Shopify

    • Ania Halliop

      Ania Halliop

      Head of Software, Waabi

    • Ainsley Robertson

      Ainsley Robertson

      Manager - App Ecosystem, Clio

    • Vaishnavi Gopal

      Vaishnavi Gopal

      Lifecycle Marketing, FreshBooks

    • Sarah Naqvi

      Sarah Naqvi

      R&D Learning, WealthSimple


    • Inmar Givoni

      Inmar Givoni

      ML & Engineering Leader

      Ex-Uber, Kindred, Kobo

    • Jean-Michel Lemieux

      Jean-Michel Lemieux

      Event Co-Founder & Ex-CTO, Shopify

    • Boris Chan

      Boris Chan

      Event Co-Founder & CEO, Roundtrip