A one day event for Canada’s tech leaders.

The Conference for Canadian Tech Company Builders

Canadian Tech @ Scale brings together Canada's top tech leaders to learn from each other's successes and failures. For the 3rd year, we are bringing together 200 tech leaders who are building companies in Canada to share their stories and insights. We have an technology industry to build and scale together in Canada!

This event is invite only as space is limited. Please connect with us prior to sharing with colleagues.



You can expect a mixture of talks, curated and facilitated roundtables, and "office hours" where you will have an opportunity to meet 1:1 with experts.

This is a conference for you to build a strong network of peers and learn. There are no vendors present and soliciting isn't allowed.


Code of Conduct + Community Agreement

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all. Please read through our Code of Conduct + Community Agreement prior to attending.


Companies Attending

2018 speakers

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  • Bruce Dorland

    Bruce Dorland

    Managing Director,­ gdR

  • Inmar Givoni

    Inmar Givoni

    Autonomy Engineering Manager, Uber ATG

  • Jean-Michel Lemieux

    Jean-Michel Lemieux

    SVP of Engineering, Shopify

  • Jessica Rowen

    Jessica Rowen

    Marketing & Community Lead, gdR

  • Natascha Wellstein

    Natascha Wellstein

    Engineering Community Lead, Shopify