How to Use the Event Platform

 Canadian Tech @ Scale 2021 is being hosted online using the Hopin platform. Here's how you can use platform to attend and participate in the event.


Join the Event

    1. Check your email for an event link that takes you to the event page.
    2. Sign Up to create a Hopin account.
    3. Use the Join Event button on the event page to register for the event.
    4. Fill out the info in the form and click on Complete Order. You won't have to pay anything extra.
    5. You can now Enter Event and add it to your calendar. You're all set!
Having trouble joining? Learn more about joining an event here, or reach out to us at

Attend Sessions

On the day of the event you can use the platform to access the program. For more details on the event agenda & sessions, visit the Event Details page.

  1. Reception: This option, available on the left bar, allows you to view the day's schedule and add items to your agenda if you're interested. These will show up in your My Agenda section.
  2. Workshops: Use the Workshops option on the left bar to choose and attend a workshop. Share your video and audio to contribute & participate.
  3. Ask Me Anything: Go to the Stage option available in the left bar to attend this session.
  4. Panel discussion: Go to the Stage option available in the left bar to attend this session.
  5. 1:1 Mentoring: Book time in advance with a mentor. The mentor will book a 1:1 slot with you, which will then show up in the My Agenda section. 

Network with Participants
There are a few different ways you can connect with other attendees at the event:

  1. People: Directly message a registered participant using this tab available on the top right on your screen.
  2. Chat: Join the common chat where you can have a public discussion with all participants.
  3. Networking: This option is available on the left bar. You will get randomly paired with another attendee for a 1:1 connection.
Here's a quick video that gives an overview to some of these features. Or take a look at these resources on Hopin.



  • If I leave the event, can I rejoin again?
The event link will be active throughout the duration of the program. You can use it to enter and re-enter the event any number of times through the course of the day.
  • Do I need to install any program or app to access the event?
You don't need to install any application. However, we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop device. And headphones are always helpful for better audio.
  • Where can I find more resources on using the platform to attend the event?
- Learn more about joining an event here
Here's a quick video that gives an overview to some of the key features.
- Or take a look at these resources on Hopin.
Need More Help?
You can reach us anytime at or by going to the Help Desk Booth available on the event platform. We'll help sort out any questions you have.